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Online High Schools By State

The diversity of online high schools is vast. Below you will find the most up-to-date information regarding online high schools - both public and private - that are available in each respective state. Additionally, you can use the links to the left to learn more about what best suits your needs for your own individualized online educational experience.

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Alabama Online High Schools:

ACCESS Distance Learning
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Alaska Online High Schools:

Delta Cyber School (Closed)
iGrad Alaska (Formerly SOAR ALASKA)
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Arizona Online High Schools:

Blueprint Education
Agave Distance Learning
Arizona Virtual Academy
Arizona Connections Academy
Havasu Online
Hope High School Online
Humanities and Sciences Academy
Pinnacle Virtual High School
Primavera Online High School
Regina Coeli Online Academy
Sequoia Choice High School
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ArkansasOnline High Schools:

Arkansas Virtual High School
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California Online High Schools:

Allied National High School
California Virtual Academies
Calvary Online School
Capistrano Connections Academy
Capistrano Valley Christian Schools Online
Central California Connections Academy
Choice 2000 Online High School
Clovis Online School
Dunlap Leadership Academy
Delta Pacific Online School
EPGY at Stanford University
Halstrom High School Online
iHigh Virtual Academy
Insight School of California - Los Angeles
Insight School of California - North Bay
International Virtual Learning Academy
IQ Academy - Los Angeles
Kaplan Academy of California
Laurel Springs School
National University Virtual High School
Orange Lutheran High School Online
Riverside Virtual School
Sycamore Academy
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Colorado Online High Schools:

Jeffco's 21st Century Virtual Academy
Academy Online High School
Branson School Online
Colorado Connections Academy
Colorado Virtual Academy
Denver Public School Online
Eldorado Academy (CLOSED)
Insight School of Colorado
Kaplan Academy of Colorado
Karval Online Education
Monte Vista Online Academy
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Connecticut Online High Schools:

CT Virtual Learning
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Delaware Online High Schools:

None Identified at this time
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Florida Online High Schools:

Citizens' High School
Kaplan College Preparatory School
Bradenton Preparatory Academy (Closed)
Continental Academy
Florida Virtual School
University of Miami Global Academy
WiloStar3D Interactive Academy
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Georgia Online High Schools:

National High School
James Madison Online High School
Georgia Virtual School
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Hawaii Online High Schools:

Hawaii Virtual School
Myron B. Thompson Academy
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Idaho Online High Schools:

Idaho Digital Learning Academy
Idaho Distance Education Academy
Idaho Virtual Academy
Inspire: Idaho Connections Academy
Idaho Connects Online School
iSucceed Virtual High School
Richard McKenna Charter High School
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Illinois Online High Schools:

Chicago Virtual Charter School
Hadley School for the Blind
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Indiana Online High Schools:

Hoosier Academies
Indiana University High School
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Iowa Online High Schools:

Alpha Omega Academy
Iowa Learning Online
Iowa Online AP Academy
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Kansas Online High Schools:

Basehor-Linwood Virtual School
Insight School of Kansas
iQ Academy Kansas
Kaplan Academy of Kansas
Lawrence Virtual School
Smoky Valley Virtual Charter School
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Kentucky Online High Schools:

Kentucky Virtual Schools
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Louisiana Online High Schools:

None Identified at this time
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Maine Online High Schools:

None Identified at this time
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Maryland Online High Schools:

Griggs High School Online
National Connections Academy
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Massachusetts Online High Schools:

Virtual High School
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Michigan Online High Schools:

Clonlara School
Michigan Virtual High School
Virtual Learning Academy of St. Clair County
Westwood Cyber High School
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Minnesota Online High Schools:

BlueSky Online Charter School
Insight School of Minnesota
iQ Academy Minnesota
Minnesota Online High School
Minnesota Virtual Academy K8
Minnesota Virtual Academy
Minnesota Virtual High School
MTS Minnesota Connections Academy
Wolf Creek Online High School
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Mississippi Online High Schools:

Mississippi Virtual Public School
NorthStar Academy
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Missouri Online High Schools:

Greenways Academy
University of Missouri High School
Missouri Virtual Instruction Program
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Montana Online High Schools:

None Identified at this time
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Nebraska Online High Schools:

UNL Independent Study High School
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Nevada Online High Schools:

Advantages Online Private School
Beacon Academy of Nevada
International Virtual Academy
Nevada Connections Academy
Odyssey Charter High School
Washoe Online Learning for the Future
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New Hampshire Online High Schools:

Virtual Learning Academy Charter School
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New Jersey Online High Schools:

New Jersey Virtual High School
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New Mexico Online High Schools:

Dora Cyber Academy
Ideal New Mexico
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New York Online High Schools:

Francis School
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North Carolina Online High Schools:

North Carolina Virtual Public School
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North Dakota Online High Schools:

North Dakota Center for Distance Education
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Ohio Online High Schools:

Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
Ohio Connections Academy
Ohio Distance & Electronic Learning Academy
Ohio Virtual Academy
TRECA Digital Academy
Virtual Community School of Ohio
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Oklahoma Online High Schools:

ASTEC Charter High School Online
Oklahoma Virtual High School
OSU K-12 Distance Learning Academy
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Oregon Online High Schools:

Clackamas Web Academy
Cyber Oregon Online, COOLSchool (CLOSED)
Insight School of Oregon
Kaplan Academy of Oregon
Oregon Connections Academy
Oregon State University K-12 Online
Portland State University Independent Study
SK Online
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Pennsylvannia Online High Schools:

Achievement House Charter School
Penn Foster High School
21st Century Cyber Charter School
Agora Cyber Charter School
Commonwealth Connections Academy
Keystone National High School
PA Learners Online
Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School
Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School
SusQ-Cyber Charter
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Rhode Island Online High Schools:

Northern University Center For Statewide E-Learning
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South Carolina Online High Schools:

Provost Academy South Carolina
South Carolina Connections Academy
South Carolina Virtual Charter School
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South Dakota Online High Schools:

NSU Center for Statewide E-Learning
South Dakota Virtual School
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Tennessee Online High Schools:

Lighthouse Christian Academy
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Texas Online High Schools:

Orion High School
Texas Tech University High School
Texas Virtual School
UT High School
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Utah Online High Schools:

The American Academy
Brigham Young Univ. Independent Study
Karl G Maeser Academy
Park City Independent
Utah Electronic High School
Utah Virtual Academy
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Vermont Online High Schools:

Liberty High School
Oak Meadow School
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Virginia Online High Schools:

Liberty University Online Academy
EdOptions Online Academy
K12 International Academy
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Washington Online High Schools:

iConnect Academy - Olympia
Insight School of Washington
Internet Academy
iQ Academy Washington
Kaplan Academy of Washington
Kent Virtual High School
Learning 2 eSchool of Wichita (Formerly Christa McAuliffe Academy Online)
Washington Online School Network
Washington Virtual Academies
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West Virginia Online High Schools:

West Virginia Virtual School
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Wisconsin Online High Schools:

JEDI Virtual High School
Insight School of Wisconsin
iQ Academy Wisconsin
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Monroe Virtual High School
Warriner High School For Personalized Learning
Wisconsin Virtual Academy
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Wyoming Online High Schools:

Wyoming Connections Academy
Wyoming e-Academy of Virtual Education
Wyoming Virtual Academy
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