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Find The Right Online School for You

Are online high schools legitimate? Legitimate online high schools should be both tuition free and fully accredited. Some online high schools are not tuition free or are not state accredited like public high schools. Questions to determine online high school legitimacy:

1.Does the online high school offer a tuition free educational program?
2.Is the online high school accredited by the state approved agency, like public high schools?
3.Are there any fees for books or educational expenses typically not associated with public high schools?
4.Are the teachers accredited by the state like public high schools?
5.Does the online high school offer an truly complete online high school program?
6.Has the online high school been in business for a significant period of time?

Are non-accredited schools considered fake online high schools?

Not Necessarily! Some schools may not be accredited because they either just begun (most accreditation agencies won't even consider a school until it's been in operation for one half to 2 years) or because the school simply does not desire to be accredited from the available agencies. Unfortunately, however, there are some institutions that can be considered fake online high schools. They are often referred to as "diploma mills" or "joke diplomas." The following criteria is suggested in determining the validity of an online high school:

1. Is the school accredited? (if not, why)? Remember a school that has just begun and is in the accreditation process should be considered valid, many agencies backdate accreditation up to a year)

2. Beware any "GED like" tests!

If you can take a single or series of online exam(s) to receive your diploma, you are most likely participating in a "diploma mill" and will end up with a "joke diploma."There are two truly valid approachs: