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One of the best places to complete classes online is with Calvary Online School. Their rates are very competitive and the quality of the online classes is top notch. Because Calvary Online School is fully accredited*, the courses are easily transferrable to your school or college.

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*Calvary Online School is fully accredited by the regional accreditation agency WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), recognzied across the nation, as well as internationally.


Accredited Online Schools

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Online High School Accreditation

Online high school accreditation is based on the type of online high school curriculum, standards, program and policies offered by individual online high schools. When online high schools meet the appropriate accreditation criteria, the school can then be accredited.

Why is it important to attend an accredited online high school?

Online high school accreditation is designed to protect the public: students, schools, and employers. Accreditation ensures online high schools are educating students while meeting the highest quality educational standards. Students who receive diplomas from a fully accredited online high school can be assured their classes are transferable to colleges and universities and accepted by employers. Attending an accredited online high school will guarantee that colleges accept online high school diplomas. Employers looking to hire graduates from a fully state accredited online high school can be confident that graduates received a quality education at a minimum accreditation standard and not from an online “diploma mill.”

Are non-accredited schools considered fake online high schools?

Not Necessarily! Some schools may not be accredited because they have either just begun (most accreditation agencies won't even consider a school until it's been in operation for one half to 2 years), or because the school simply does not desire to be accredited from the available agencies. Unfortunately, however, there are some institutions that can be considered "fake" online high schools. They are often referred to as "diploma mills" or "joke diplomas." The following criteria is suggested in determining the validity of an online high school:

1. Is the school accredited? (if not, why not?) Remember, a school that has just begun and is in the accreditation process should be considered valid. (Many agencies backdate accreditation up to a year)

2. Beware any "GED-like" tests!

If you can take a single, or a series, of online exam(s) to receive your diploma, you are most likely participating in a "diploma mill" and will end up with a "joke diploma." There are two truly valid approaches:

Who grants online high schools the status "Accredited"

Accreditation differs according to the type of online high school program. Some online high schools do not conform to state accreditation standards from state educational agencies and offer low-quality diplomas. These types of diplomas are not considered valid by employers, colleges or universities and are considered a waste of time.
Legitimate online high schools are recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDE) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). If online high schools offer accredited programs that are not backed by these official agencies, they are NOT valid.
Valid, legitimate online high schools are accredited by regional accreditation agencies affiliated with USDE and CHEA. If the accrediation agency is not affiliated with, or recognized by USDE or CHEA, the online high school accreditation is not valid. The same agencies that accredit reputable brick-and-mortar schools are the same agencies that set the proper accreditation standards for online high schools.
Many online schools are also accredited by the Distance Education Training Council (DETC). The DETC is recognized by the USDE and CHEA. The DETC is also recognized by some employers. However, the DETC is not as widely accepted as a regional accreditation agency. Some regionally accredited schools do not accept class transfer credits from DETC accredited schools. Protect your online high school education by using USDE and CHEA affiliated accreditation standards.

How to ensure an online high school is accredited

Avoiding “diploma mills” that offer non-accredited online high school diplomas is important. Typically, these online high schools are either unaccredited or accredited by accreditation mills. Because diplomas produced by diploma mills are not accepted by college or universities, they are not valid. Depending on your state, laws restricting the use of degrees from diploma mills do exist.
Not all non-accredited schools are considered diploma mills. Some unaccredited online high schools may be going through an accreditation process or simply choosing not to become accredited. A non-accredited degree from either type of online high schools does not benefit students seeking an accredited high school diploma.