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About Online High Schools

Undeniably, the novelty of online high schools surrounds us with questions. Let’s start by answering some common questions.

1.What is an online high school?

A high school is considered online when it is hosted entirely, or conducted largely through the web. Whereas some high schools have virtual learning components, they are not truly “online.” More Info

2.How can I find a free online high school or earn a free online high school diploma?

Online high schools that operate free of charge or are tuition free, are usually public high schools that are state funded. More Info

3.How does an online high school work?

Online high schools very based on their programs: some online high schools host live virtual meetings, others host schedules or basic forms of communication between teacher and student. Some online high school programs host the entire curriculum online, others offer books and and instruction online. Some online high school programs provide pre-scripted audio or visual presentations, while others provide live instruction. Online high school programs are not all equal. Consider our top online high schools we recommend. More Info

4.What’s the difference between a cyber school, virtual school, or an online high school?

The difference between online high schools and other terms is based on popularity. Historically, many terms have been used to identify online high schools. Today the commonly accepted term is online high school. More Info

5.Are online high schools legitimate, are they real?
YES, so long as they are fully accredited, tuition free, and staffed by accredited teachers. Online high schools are paving the way for a new age of technology embedded education. Legitimate Online high schools have to go through the same accreditation processes, and can offer more than their brick and mortar counterparts. More Info

6.How long have online high schools been around?

That’s debatable, but arguably the majority of truly online programs have only been sufficiently functional in the last decade. More Info

7.Do colleges accept online high school diplomas, classes, or courses?

Like all schools, this depends on the online high school's accreditation. Depending upon the type of online high school accreditation and classes offered, colleges strongly support online education. More Info

8.What technology is involved?

A computer and internet connection meet the basic online high school need. Webcams and microphone headsets allow for other forms of communication. A variety of online high school software is used depending on the program. Some online high schools meet live in virtual web meetings. More Info

9.How long do I have to spend on the computer?

That varies from online high school to online high school, some require full day attendance, whereas others do not. More Info

10.I took a college online course, is high school similar?

Depending upon the college level online course, they can differ greatly. Online high schools tend to be more interactive than their college counterparts. College courses tend to involve less communication online vs. online high schools which are generally more interactive. More Info

Note from the Editor

At the turn of the millennium, someone told me their insight into the future of education predicting there would be schools entirely hosted online. At the time I laughed it off, especially the notion of public high schools online. It is quite a different story today. A few years back I realized the joke was on me, and quickly responded in my personal career direction – I started an online public high school, so I speak from experience. The waters of online high school education are vast and largely unchartered. In processing inquiries for the online high school I founded, I found that more than half of the inquiries were misguided or misinformed. This website was created to provide users with an easy guide to differentiate between the many faceted forms of online high school education. I encourage you to make your information guide to selecting the best online high school your needs.